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28. november 2011 at 22:26

Related article: " To hell with them ? However, questioning again tomorrow?" Said bitterness. "I have to really get into explanations with them ? I am annoying, as he deigned to speak yesterday at the restaurant Zametov.... " "Damn, I'm a. I will squeeze Porfiry go of it, as is a member of the family should let me know the ins and outs of it all, and as Zametov... " " at last! he sees through it! "thought Raskolnikov. "Stay," cried Razumikhin, taking him by the shoulder. They were " stay you wrong. I thought. 're Wrong, how was this a trap? You say Cat Ate 5 Mg Clonazepam that the question was for workers in a trap. But if _that_ fact, you could say have seen the house painted... workers? on the contrary, it would, even if they have seen you had seen. Who would have thought it yourself? " n " _that thing_ Doing so, I would say that saw the workers and the apartment," Raskolnikov answered with caution and r. different disgust. " But why speak against yourself? " " Because only peasants, or inexperienced novices deny smoothly in all tests. When a man is ever so little developed y has experienced is certainly support all the external circumstances can not be avoided, but also seek other explanations for them, to any particular turn, unexpected, another meaning and put it in a different light. Porfiry could have I'll be sure to answer Cat Ate 5 Mg Clonazepam it, and say he had seen a type air of truth, then do a statement. " ", but he would have said, while his work was not the two days before, and that is why you can not do a the day of the murder on 08 00th, and he would have called a in detail. " " Yes, that's what it must be because I have no time, reflect and make haste to get the most likely answer, and would therefore not forget that workers couldThere are two days before. " " But how could I forget ? " " Nothing could be easier. It is in such stupid things clever people are the most caught easily. The smarter a man is, the less you think is going to be captured in a simple thing. The smarter a man is, the easier it s the case, he should be captured in Porfiry is not as stupid as you I.... N " " He's a rogue, when then " Raskolnikov could not laugh. But the time was n affected by the strangeness of their openness and willingness to with which he made this statement, although they had kept all an earlier conversation with gloomy repulsion, obviously with a motive
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